Penguins Can Fly, Right?

by Janice Lao-Noche & Isaac Noche

Illustrated by Rhea Reburiano-Lajom

Contributions by Louise Lao


Can't little penguins fly?

Penguins Can Fly, Right? is a compelling tale of two penguins’ attempts to fly like many of their more distant bird relatives.

This multifaceted story teaches about science, persistence, failure, and finding your own gifts. Kids take a journey alongside penguin cousins Fluffin and Muffin as they brainstorm and make effort after effort to soar through the sky. Savvy readers know they will not succeed at flying, but the penguin cousins are eventually able to discover and celebrate their own unique strengths. Penguins Can Fly, Right? is perfect for at-home or classroom reading.

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